Juvenile Court

Juvenile focuses on two different types of cases that involve children under the age of 18 (minors). Juvenile Deprived matters involve cases related to the abuse and/or neglect of a minor, while Juvenile Delinquency matters involve violations of criminal laws by a minor.

The Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau is responsible for receiving, evaluating and determining appropriate action pertaining to persons under the age of 18, found within Oklahoma County and alleged to be delinquent or in need of supervision. Additionally, the Bureau carries out orders of the Juvenile Division of the District Court and serves all process regarding juvenile matters.


A commitment to public Safety, to providing a safe environment for youth and their families to receive services and care, and to provide a safe work environment for staff.

Optimizing Potential

Assisting youth to identify and utilize their strengths rather than only focusing on weaknesses. Assisting and guiding staff to fully develop their potential.


Holding youth accountable for their behavior and at the same time, providing appropriate intervention to restore their ability to live in the community. Holding staff accountable to bureau goals and objectives in order to meet the needs of our community.


Teaching youth how to relate effectively within their family and their community. Expecting staff to develop healthy relationships with youth, their families, their peers, and the community we serve, developing effective partnerships throughout the community.