Civil Court

Civil cases involve a dispute between two or more parties over an injury, their rights, or their obligations.  Civil cases do not involve a person being prosecuted for violating a criminal law.  The Court’s Civil Division handles non-criminal cases other than family, juvenile, and probate. Small Claims is part of the Civil Division.


Case Type: Claims of more than $10,000
Filing Fee: $232.14 plus service


Case Type: Generally, cases not seeking monetary damages
Filing Fee: $154.14


Case Type: Claims of less than $10,000
Filing Fee: $219.14 plus service


The assigned judge’s office sets all pre-judgment motions. Motions for hearings on assets, contempt citations and claims for exemptions are set and heard by the Chief Special Judge.

Driver’s License Appeals

Driver’s license appeals are set and heard by the Chief Special Judge. A cash bond of $250 is required, as well as an attorney interlock statement attached to the bond. The filing fee is $167.14 plus $250 cash bond

Name Changes

Name changes are set by assigned judges and are to be published. The filing fee is $184.14 including publication


Order confirming sheriff sales are set and heard by the Confirmation Judge. Sheriff sales are held twice a month on Thursdays at 2 p.m. at:
320 Robert S Kerr
Room 513 (Jury Assembly Room)
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Please visit the Sheriff’s Office website for more information. There is a filing fee of $232.14 plus service.

Civil Department
Phone: 405-713-1725